Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enchilada Monster Bento

This is a quick bento that I fashioned out of leftovers. I had made some chicken enchiladas (which my hubby and step daughter scarfed down), and I managed to save enough for a lunch serving the next day. With a few little additions, I turned this chicken enchilada into a monster! The bento that bites you back!

Also in this bento: steamed edamame and sliced radishes. The monster face was made with pepper jack cheese and slices of black olive. 


  1. Hehe.
    Could almost be a ..... dragon....

  2. I love the zingy spirit here and like Sheri, I'm seeing dragons!!

    1. Thanks Bentobird, I didn't intentionally make it like a dragon, but I am happy that it accidentally looks like one. :)

  3. this is the cutest monster I ever saw