Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bentos Gone Wild!

This Boobie Bento Box Lunch is for my mom, who is going in for breast cancer surgery on Monday. She caught it early and that is great news. I have always felt that laughter is good for the body and soul, so here is my medicine for Mom: Jug-a-licious Bento Box! Scroll down for the uncensored version...

In this bodacious boobie bento box are two baloney sandwiches with hot dog nipples (secured with a tiny bit of cream cheese). The baloney boobie sandwiches include cheese, tomatoes, mustard, and sandwich rounds. Also a couple of grapes, baby carrots, and a few slices of radish. For dessert, a couple of tiny mandarin oranges. And a custom made "Save The TaTas" sign! I should have included melons, right?!

This will be a very exciting lunch to eat. (tee hee) Here's to advances in breast cancer treatment and to early detection! I think this is the breast bento box lunch I have ever made... ;-)


  1. It's fantastic to be positive and I love the humor ... sending lots of healing vibes for your Ma :)

  2. Thanks Angi! We are all trying to keep spirits high, and can use all of the positive vibes we can get.

  3. Seconding Angi's well-wishes for your mom! This is one fabulously creative bento :)

  4. This is awesome!!! I love it when folks use humor to help them battle tough stuff. YAY to early detection too.