Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Feed The Bears

I am recovering today from a whirlwind camping trip (one day, it was too short!) to Richardson's Grove in Humboldt County. Because of work commitments, I was only able to enjoy one day of camping, but I had been dreaming about playing in the Eel River for months, so I had to take what I could get.

After washing the campfire smell out of my hair when we got home, I thought about making a camping themed bento. S'mores really would have been fun, but alas, no marshmallows! So, since we were camping in bear country, here is a bear sandwich (filled with bologna and cheese - no bear meat!), with blanched green beans, kalamata olives, and tomato-mozzarella salad. In the lower compartment: cherries, cucumbers, and a few cherry tomatoes.

Oh how I miss the river! I'm looking forward to many more fun camping trips this summer with friends. :-)

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  1. So fun and a great camping theme-concept! The bear looks thoughtful and this one up on Flickr--would be really popular as it is so adorable and seasonal! Glad you had a good trip, inspires me to get out and enjoy nature as well :)

  2. I don't have a Flikr account, but I guess I should get one, huh? Nothing like the first camping trip of the season. We had such fun!