Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crepes and Cherry Plums Bento

As I type this, the smell of bacon is wafting through the office. Our afternoon talk show host just finished talking to Duskie Estes and John Stewart of Zazu and Bovolo Restaurants, and they brought their own Black Pig Meat Co. bacon which they cooked up in the studio. I was able to sneak a taste, otherwise I would be crying as well as hungry right now. Duskie and John won the recent Cochon 555 competition in Aspen, so they are the official Queen and King of Pork! Woohoo!

Sadly, there's no bacon in this bento. But it was still tasty. This bento features items I picked up at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market yesterday when I went there with fellow bento maker, Bentobird!

In this bento: crepes with turkey, colby jack cheese, and wilted arugula from Ridgeview Farms. Also baby carrots, french breakfast radishes from Ridgeview Farms, a few broccoli spears, and cherry plums from DeSantis Farms. The cherry plums were a bit tart, but so cute and perfect size for a bento. It was really fun to show off my favorite farmers market to a fellow bento buddy.

Here is the video I made of my recent adventures at the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic. Enjoy!


  1. Crepes look/sound awesome!! And cherry plums? Haven't run into those yet. I'll keep my eyes peeled. How fun to show off the best of Sonoma County to Bentobird~ hope you guys had fun!

  2. It's a miracle--Blogger is letting me comment on your site again! Yay!!

    Meeting up at the market was a BLAST, Michelle! Thank you for introducing me to the nifty farmers and market folk and sharing your faves--everything so colorful and high quality.

    Beautiful capture of the balloon event...we arrived just a little too late for the indigo sky effect, so very lovely. This was another fun event in a place with an endless amount of great things to do and experience. And of course meeting you in person was a highlight of the Windsor outing!

    PS this delish crepe based bento is making me very hungry....

  3. Thanks sheri! It was really neat to hang out with another bento pal in person, and I loved showing off my market. The cherry plums were a bit too tart. But cute!

  4. Thanks Bentobird! It was so great to meet you in person and to share the Santa Rosa Farmers Market with you. I am really loving your posts from your trip here, it makes me appreciate my home even more.