Wednesday, January 9, 2013

National Static Electricity Day Bento

January 9th is National Static Electricity Day, so my lunch is particularly shocking. Ha ha! I used my LunchBots Trio bento box to make today's lunch:

In this bento: leftover mushroom couscous with two bolts of static electricity (provolone cheese), piece of chicken thigh (marinated in soy sauce, honey, pepper, lime, olive oil, and Peruvian Chile Lime Seasoning from Savory Spice Shop) on a bed of arugula with pomegranate arils, a few blackberries, broccoli, carrot, and cucumber. 

Now go run around on the carpet in your socks and shock someone you love. *ZAP*

I have included this lunch in Shannon's What's For Lunch Wednesday group. Check it out for other great bento lunch ideas!


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    1. Thanks! I needed to find some stuff to get me back into the bento groove, and I researched some topical holiday ideas. I'm looking forward to some fun bentos!

  2. It's shocking how much goodness you fit into the Trio~
    Looks very yum!

  3. Love how you packed the trio, n looks so yummy! :)

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    1. Thanks daisyselalu! It was delicious and healthy!

  5. Savory Spice Shop ftw! What a gem that place is. Stylish, zippy and inventive bento well befitting Aquarian you :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! I totally love that shop, it always smells AMAZING!