Thursday, September 23, 2010

Overtime Bento

You probably won't see many bentos from me in the next week. My coworker is off on vacation (his started the day I came back from Seattle), so that means that I am doing both my job and his. No time to breathe! It means I am here for very long days, with little chance to leave the office, so I have to be prepared. I bought these two bentos at a store called Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle in Seattle. They are matching colors and will hopefully work well enough to keep me from dying of hunger through these long days of work.

In the large bento: caprese skewers, a few slices of Armenian cucumber from Redwood Empire Farms, steamed corn on the cob from Ortiz Farms, fried padron peppers and tamagoyaki omelette from Crescent Moon Farms, and rice with a nori flower and beni shoga pickled red ginger.

This is an onigiri box, but I was too lazy to make an onigiri rice ball for this bento. In the lower compartment: edamame tossed with soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, powdered ginger, a bit of sugar, and black sesame seeds, plus some cherry tomatoes from Ridgeview Farms. In the upper container: more rice with beni shoga and black sesame seeds.

Happy Bentoing! I'll chat with you again when I come up for air. :)


  1. These will do beautifully, I expect. Hang in there M! The weekend is comin up :o)

  2. Hey Sonoma-San :D
    This Bento really looks good. I hope you had a nice time at your mom's - and please don't work too hard. Try taking a minute or two to relax and drink a nice cup of tea^^
    Your edamame sound great, by the way. As I recently bought some frozen ones I am on the watchout for nice recipes and will definately try these! You eat them just as if you simply cook them in salt water, don't you? Or do you eat them as mangetout?

  3. Thanks sheri! I have to work on the weekend, too. :) Crazy!

    Ty, I modified this recipe from one I tried in Hawaii. It was soy sauce, frech grated ginger, sesame seeds, a bit of sugar, and a few drops of toasted sesame oil. The edamame were steamed (you can also boil them in salt water), then tossed in the dressing. Suck the soy beans from the shells, yummy!

  4. Looks great. Hurry I back, I love seeing your awesome bentos! :) Don't work too hard!

  5. Oh dear!
    Hope those long days will zoom past!

    You have a great weekend Sonoma!

  6. Yummy bento and well presented. :)
    Take good care and have a great weekend. We are here to support you...hehehe.

  7. Just checking in since I haven't "seen" you in a bit. Hope all is well and things aren't too crazy!

  8. A cool and zingy bento, beautiful omelette looks so striking...hope you are doing ok with all the extra work!

  9. Thanks to OhayoBento, Angeleyes, Emily, Shannon, and Jenn. You are all so kind to be thinking of me. I am finally back to my normal schedule and looking forward to some fun bentos in October!